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"What if you woke up tomorrow morning with ONLY the things you thanked God for today?"

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The church in Lawton, Oklahoma had asked me to come and demonstrate a lesson from the Round Pen and for this lesson, a comin’ two year old stud colt was offered. I had worked with this colt for a little bit that mornin’ and noticed a very nasty habit. He’d pin his ears and try to bite me. So I expected him to misbehave as I led him into the Round Pen when the people started showing up. I unsnapped his lead rope and let him run around his new environment for a while. He ran and ran and ran some more. That excess energy runnin’ along his back that most people call fat was bein’ burned up with each lap. I like for anything or anyone to overwork themselves prior to their advancement of higher education, it seems like when the body is tired, the mind is much more receptive. This colt reminded me of a teenager who thinks he/she has all the answers to the world’s problems but in reality still has problems figurin’ out which foot goes into which boot.

By the time this youngster dropped into a fast walk, he was lathered up and beginnin’ to focus on me just standin’ in the middle of the pen watchin’ him act like a horse with no sense. I’ve noticed that the older I get the more I’m inclined to watch the know-it-all’s instead of wantin’ to help ‘em out, it’s a lot more entertainin’ for me. Purty soon, this colt stopped and faced me. Lesson number one was already learned. Face the master, be quiet and you can rest.

I then began his kindergarten education. One of the lessons he learned was that if he got in my space actin’ like he was the master, he would run into my elbow or hand causin’ severe pain to the mouth and nose area of his head. Please understand, I don’t abide in abuse, but I’m not about to be abused if I can defend myself. Subsequent lessons brought him to a point where bein’ next to me, and bein’ quiet and behaved was the best place of all to be and that offerin’ to bite was not an acceptable demonstration of submission. The next best lesson, learnin’ to yield to authority through submission. The world hates that word, but we all must submit to something or someone. Adonai certainly has the authority over me and I should submit to Him. This horse and all other animals must submit to me, I was told that I’m to dominate them. Genesis 1:28. "...Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it; have dominion over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves on the earth."

As I was talkin’ to the congregation, Adonai was speakin’ to me on a different level. This colt is like any four or five year old kindergartner. No one expects a child to be able to compete with an individual who holds a masters degree in math or science or any other field of study. However, everyone expects the child to learn the lessons he’s bein’ offered and this don’t change as we grow older and the lessons become more complex. It’s one thing to step into the saddle with a green broke horse under you and then quite another to step into the saddle with a seasoned and well trained horse under you. The difference is like night and day. One has no "handle" and the other is "very light in the mouth".

When I was a child, I thought as a child and acted as a child. Now that I am older and have studied under the Master for fifty some-odd years, I think and act as a seasoned Believer. More is expected of me and more is given in submission to Him. As I age, I have discovered that I am also more graceful to some and less graceful (more like harsh accordin’ to my lovin’ wife) to others. I don’t expect much from a new Believer in Christ, but I do expect him to be willin’ to learn. And I really expect much more from those who claim to be seasoned Believers, the same is true with our Creator. I’ve been keepin’ my youngest grandson lately and I have spoon fed him and made bottles of formula for him, changed a few diapers and powdered his rump a few times, it’s expected. But there’s something wrong when a man/woman with some age on ‘em keeps expectin’ to be spoon fed the Word of YeHoVah and wantin’ to be treated with kid gloves with the facts of life. You might say that someone who doesn’t mature mentally, is mentally impaired and incapable of learnin’.

When Adonai was speakin’ to me that day, I believe He was tellin’ me to get deeper into the Word, into Him. Our time on this earth is fast drawin’ to an end and He wants us to know Him intimately. He wants us to praise Him more boldly. In fact, a preacher told me the other day that, "We need to start enjoyin’ our salvation more than the sinners enjoy their sinnin’". Regardless of where you are in your walk with our Creator. You need to kick it up a notch and get in step with the Master. I’ve been real lazy just facin’ Him and bein’ real quiet wantin’ to just rest in His Presence. But the time of rest is over. It’s time to age with grace, it’s time to take note of what our Creator is doin’ and jump in and help Him out where we can.

If you can’t figure out where or what Adonai wants you to do, give me a call or write to me. I’d like to tell you what I see comin’ up real fast and how I’m throwin’ in with Him to prepare for His sudden return.

Greg Crawford
Thoughts From an Unhobbled Mind©


I finished feedin’ one mornin’ and was enjoyin’ the muffled sounds of the horses as they fed on the sweetfeed in their troughs when a thought crossed my mind. So while the horses finished eatin’, I slipped down the alley and opened up a trail to the open pasture beyond the pens. I’ve fed these horses, I’ve groomed these animals, I’ve been their veterinarian, I’ve been the supplier of all their needs so I kinda got a handle on their personalities and if you don’t think a horse has a personality, you just never been around one. 

There’s one who thinks he’s a lady’s man and must be kept in a pen to himself. There are two mares that can’t handle competition so they too must be kept in separate pens. Then there are three that get along well enough to keep penned together and then there are two mares that just need special attention and lovin’.

By the time I got all the gates opened and closed that needed to be, and made my way back to their pens, they had just finished so I opened up the first gate and let the two stall mates out. First, they nosed their way through the gate as if to ask permission to go through the gate. Then seein’ I wasn’t gonna make a move to keep ‘em in and I hadn’t squalled at ‘em they eagerly went into the open alley and then began to trot unrestricted toward the pasture.

The trot changed into a canter and then into a full run as they sensed they were free. After they quit runnin’ around the small trap of a pasture and quit nickerin’ to the other horses, they dropped their heads and began to look for something to eat. (We’ve been in a drought for so long, the asphalt highway has more grass than this pasture.) I climbed a fence and sat there watchin’ them for another thirty minutes or so until I finally heard all I believe Adonai was tryin’ to tell me.

When a man is trapped, like these horses, the fire will go out of him and he becomes a different individual. He wasn’t created to be penned up with no freedom of movement, or expression. He was created to challenge his environment to dominate it and to rule it. After bein’ penned up for so long, the man that see’s an open gate will at first seek permission to go through it if he’s not been penned up for too long. Next, when he see’s an open road leading out to new pasture, his heart rate will increase and his speed of travel will increase and he begins to feel like a man should feel like.

We as a society, have for far too long been penned up and trapped in an environment of our own makin’. We have purchased so much, that our possessions that make us feel good about ourselves, now possess and own us and we must work even harder to keep them in our possession. In our efforts to keep up with our neighbors, we now live in homes we’re proud of but wouldn’t dare share with our neighbors, friends, or family because we’re tryin’ real hard workin’ overtime just to pay the mortgage, insurance and taxes. We don’t have time to visit with one another. We have become mean spirited and like these horses, we are penned, but unlike these horses we penned ourselves according to our personalities and it has made us hard to get along with.

Yahshua (Jesus) sent the disciples out two by two without so much as a change of clothes. Why do you think we need so much stuff in our lives? All we need, to be who and what were created to be, is faith that Elohim will provide all our needs. When we begin to live a life of faith, knowin’ He’s the one that feeds and waters us, etc., we are set free from the pens of this life and we begin to be human again. Are you willin’ to be who you were created to be? If so, nose through the gate, stop chasin’ after the things that don’t enrich your life and start chasin’ after Elohim. You’ve heard His voice, now - it’s all up to you on how you’re gonna respond.

A Thousand Horses

The rancher began buildin’ his spread. After six years of buildin’ fences to keep his stock in and other stock out. Diggin’ water wells and tanks to water his stock and clearing brush to make room for more grass. And building sheds to keep the hot sun from bearin’ down on his stock in the summer and to protect ‘em while the harsh winter winds made it seem like spring would never come. He also built barns to store hay that he would feed durin’ those times of drought. He built everything needed to be a productive rancher. Finally, the time came to stock the ranch with the brood mares and stallions he desired.

The remuda ran free over his range, grazin’ on good green grass and drinkin’ from clean clear water troughs, creeks, draws, and tanks. Everything in his life was good until one day as he roamed the pastures he come up with the wrong head count. His tally-book said 1,000 head and he only had 999.
He rode the fence lookin’ for a hole in it. He rode through the coolies, the draws, creeks, and river bottoms for the mare. He searched the thickets, rode the rim, he searched everywhere refusing to give up, until at long last he spotted her. She was bedded down under a thicket of Chinaberry trees, foalin’. He sat still in his saddle not wantin’ to pressure her, not wantin’ to interfere with the life givin’ process, just watchin’ from a distance, just in case.... He tipped his hat back on his head and relaxed a bit, grinnin’ from ear to ear and rejoicin’ in the fact that not only what was once lost was now found but found with a gain.

This is a version of Luke 15:8-10 you’ll probably never again see much less hear, but it’s one Adonai gave to illustrate His love for us. That mare that was lost is like each and every one of us. We sometimes stray off His range, maybe we’re off it now, and our L~rd must search for us. The moment He finds us, He rejoices. That mare didn’t lose her value simply because she was not where she was suppose to be, she’s like us, we retain our value regardless of where we are, we just lose our usefulness. That’s one of the reasons He searches so diligently for us. We are very valuable to Him. And regardless of how you may feel about yourself, or what people have said about you in the past, you’re useful to Him, you have value far above what you believe, if you didn’t He wouldn’t have created you. Your usefulness to Him can’t be estimated and you alone can do the job Elohim created
you to do.

I strongly believe that the reins in a masters hands is more valuable than the reins in a novices hands, regardless of the ability of the horse. So don’t go thinkin’ Adonai can’t use you to do His work. I want to remind you of something, that thing you like doin’ and would do it regardless of bein’ paid to do it or not, is exactly what Elohim created you to do for His glory. What are you waitin’ for? You are just as valuable as the other 999 in the pasture, so get back to the remuda and get to work for the L~rd.

Chosen to Change the Atmosphere

Father has always maintained that He is a G-d of war.  The Father, the Abba of Creation almost conclusively from a male point of view as evidenced by creating Adam of the Hebraic linage first.  He has always portrayed Himself as perfect, the fullness, the wholeness of the Godhead and He was without need of anything.  Except one thing.  Father needs worship.

Father doesn’t want to hear your mind praise Him.
Father want’s to hear your voice praise Him.
Father created with His voice, “He spoke!”
Yahovah created man in His image.  Ladies, I’m gonna let you in on a secret.  If you praise your husband, he will move heaven and earth for you.  Did you know that nagging gets you absolutely nothing.  The same thing for Abba.  If you want 
G-d to really do something in your life, start braggin on Him.  Start telling Father how good He is and say things from your heart like, “You’re my way maker, You’re my joy, You’re my bridge over troubled waters and watch Him start flexing His Holy muscles.
David said in Psalm 69:30 - “I will praise the name of G~d with a song, and will magnify him with thanksgiving.  
Watch Father swell up when you do.

Now, I can’t make Father any bigger in the Universe than He is, but I can magnify Him in me.  So if I only have a small, minuscule measure of anointing, instead of getting jealous or mad over your greater amount of anointing I should praise Him.  The measure of anointing will grow even larger and the apothecary would begin to stir up the anointing in me until it begins to swell up and then G-d begins to magnify Himself in me.  That means I cannot sit there with my lips glued together with no expression on my face.  If you expect G-d to do things for you, it may be you might have to break out of your comfort zone.  The L~rd did not promise to fit into your background and personality.  He didn’t promise to fit into you little idiosyncrasies.  He didn’t promise to He would be housed in any mans culture or philosophy.  Abba said He knows what He wants and when He wants it and He will find someone willing to offer Him pressed down and overflowing praise so He can in turn bless the individual praising Him. 

When G-d creates things/people.  He doesn’t create to make Him anymore Yahweh than He is.  He can’t be anything more that He already is because He is everything.

He wants His creation to praise Him for Who He already was.  The Heavens are telling the Universe Who He Is.  He likes to find you in pursuit of Him.  He says He won’t open a door until you knock on it.  I know you don’t have the answer but if you don’t seek, you won’t find it.
I get My blessing when I see you trying to get to me.  Try me.  Praise Me and I’ll open up the windows of Heaven and pour out a blessing on you.  So much so, you won’t be able to measure it.

G-d rejected Saul because Saul was a self-seeker.  G-d only accepts those who are truly chasing after Him.  He is not interested in your job promotion, your pettiness, your wants.  He didn’t create you to promote your agenda.

G-d isn’t G-d to be your bellboy.  He’s not your butler and He’s not your maid.

He will wait you out, He will freeze you out, He will burn you out, He will take everything away from you until you wake up to the fact He’s not here to serve you.  You are here to serve Him.  So get ready because the adventure you are about to embark on tonight is the beginning of a ride that’s gonna be wild, it’s gonna be good and it’s gonna be filled with Him.  Are you ready?  If so, let’s allow our voices be heard throughout the halls of Heaven and heard by Him, Who is Worthy of our Praise.  Amen?

Foot Rot

Have you ever seen a cow standin’ in the middle of the tank, creek, or draw with the water up to her hocks? If it’s the
same cow on a regular basis, there’s a good chance she’s got a case of foot rot.

Clinically speakin’, a veterinarian told me that “foot rot is a subacute or acute decaying infectious disease of cattle,
causin’ swellin’ and lameness in one or more feet. The disease can become chronic, with a poorer likelihood of recovery
if treatment is delayed, resultin’ in deeper structures of the toe becoming affected. Weight gain is significantly reduced
when grazin’ cattle contract the disease. Treatment of foot rot is usually successful, especially when caught and started
early in the disease course. Treatment should always begin with cleaning and examining the foot to establish that
lameness is actually due to foot rot and not one of the other conditions he wanted to discuss at length. He also said that
preventive measures are centered on the prevention of mechanical damage to the foot as caused by frozen or dried mud,
brush-hogged weeds or brush, stubble, and minimizing the time cattle must spend standing in wet areas. Foot rot is one
of many conditions of the foot that cause lameness in cattle. For treatment to be effective it must be started early in the
course of the disease. It is necessary to have a break in skin integrity for foot rot to occur. All this said, however, solid
preventative measures can dramatically reduce the expense of a foot rot outbreak and in general may be the most
cost-effective method available to the cattleman.

I understood enough of what this professional was tellin’ me and when I applied it to myself, I realized a lot of other
people suffer from this disease. Wanna know what it’s called? Spirit rot. Yep, spirit rot.

Matthew 23:25 “Woe to you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! For you clean the outside of the cup and the plate, but
inside they are full of greed and self-indulgence.” English Standard Version.

We humans have a habit of actin’ like that ole cow, we treat the symptom but we don’t want the doctoring. We don’t want the spiritual cleanin’ that Jesus can give us, and we certainly don’t want the close examination of our spirit by Him because if the truth were known we don’t even want to examine it. We just don’t want to acknowledge the yellowin’ corruption deep in us that oozes out when somethin’ causes us to swell up and blow up over nothin’. We’re content to just stand in a stagnant pool of water, “cooling our heals”.  Do you wanna get well? Do you wanna get out of that water and start walkin’ a healthy walk? Start by goin’ to the Doctor Who can help you the most. The Great Physician named Jesus. If you want His number give me a call, I’ll help you get in touch with Him.

My phone number is 713.408.8805, if you need someone to talk to or pray with. Again, give me a call, you don’t even
have to tell me your name.

Ole Bess

Sometimes, Father seems to be real silent, and lately it’s like He’s just watchin’ and havin’ fun at my expense, that is until today. I woke up with His voice in my ear.

My wife Sandy and I bought a milk cow and her calf today. We don’t need a milk cow because neither of us drink or use that much milk anymore. We bought this cow in preparation. In preparation of what? We don’t know exactly yet, but we’re moved to prepare for the future, whatever it holds. We’re moved to store up groceries as well, for what purpose, again, I don’t exactly know but like Joseph in the Book of Genesis, I’ve got a bead on it. All I know is that we are bein’ obedient to His commands and that’s enough for now.

After we got this pair home, we marked their ears and branded their hides to state to the world that they belong to us.

While we were watchin’ these two get comfortable with their surroundings, I was reminded of Galatians 6:17 which states "From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the L_rd Jesus." KJV. What that means to me is that I’m branded and marked with the marks of my Savior like these two new members of our livestock family. I bear the marks for the world to see that I belong to HIM. While Sandy and I own the livestock in our possession, they’ll want for nothin’, we’ll take care to keep all the fresh water and feed they’ll need to sustain them.
If I know how to give good things to what belongs to me, I know for sure that Whom I belong to will take good care of me. Matthew 6:25-34.

This cow laid down and began chewin’ her cud. At first the message was clear enough, she had settled down to her new home as well as her calf, then I saw what I was intended to see. We, you and I, tend to chew on the problems that we have like this cow chews her cud. We chew on it and chew on it, over and over again. Unlike the cow though, we never get through chewin’ on it.
I believe with all my heart, if I can’t change a situation, and Adonai ain’t changin’ it, then I purty much got to abide with it. And if I can’t abide with it, I better pray for a different answer to get some peace about it.

This cow and calf didn’t have any choice in becoming someone else’s property. They did have the choice in how they were gonna live with it. And you know, they settled in like they were born and raised here. Eatin’ good hay from last years crop and drinkin’ clear water from a well we didn’t dig.
Father, I thank You for the care You give me and my family and friends. I thank You for puttin’ Your mark and brand on me. I thank You for bein’ Yours. Amen!



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